Write a Letter: Support Increased Relocation Compensation Benefits!

The legislative session has arrived, and APAC is working hard to get the benefits for the Manufactured Home Relocation Trust Fund increased so it works like it should! Learn more here!

Let your elective representatives know that this matters to you by sending them a letter or email. This makes a big impact!


You can use the following as an example, or write your own.

Dear legislator,

My name is ___________, and I live in _____________________, a manufactured (mobile) home park. I am writing to ask for your support for Senate File 2930 / House File 2825, a proposal to increase the benefit amounts issued from the state’s Manufactured Home Relocation Trust Fund. The bill’s authors are Sen. Melissa Wiklund (D-Bloomington) and Rep. Anna Wills (R-Rosemount).

I am very concerned because if my park closed, the current benefits from the fund would not actually cover the expenses of moving. It would be devastating if the fund I have been paying into didn’t actually protect my neighbors and me from financial crisis in the event of park closure.

I would appreciate your support of this common sense proposal to update the Manufactured Home Relocation Trust Fund benefits. Thank you for your attention to this important issue!



You have options!

Option 1:Write one letter to "Dear Legislators," send your letter to us at APAC, and we can deliver copies to various representatives:
All Parks Alliance for Change
2380 Wycliff St. #200
St. Paul, MN 55114

Option 2: Send your letter to representatives yourself! We suggest you send it to your own state representatives and the committee chairs who will be hearing the bill:

a) Find out who your representatives are and their contact info by searching the "Who Represents Me?" site, then send your letter either by post or email.

b) Then send your letter by post or email to the chairs of the committees who will be hearing the bill, and the authors of the bill to show your support. Click the names for contact info.
Committee Chairs:
Representative Pat Garofalo (Job Growth and Energy Affordability Policy and Finance Committee)
Senator Kathy Sheran (Health, Human Services and Housing Committee)
Bill Authors:
Senator Melissa Wiklund
Representative Anna Wills

Thank you for making your voice heard as we advocate to update the Manufactured Home Relocation Trust Fund to ensure sufficient protection for residents!