Ask Minnesota Legislature: "Hold a Hearing for the Manufactured Home Relocation Trust Fund"

Message to All Minnesotans:


Lift the Cap on Manufactured Home Relocation Trust Fund Benefits
Call today and let the committee chairs know why it is important to hold a hearing:

  • The Relocation Trust Fund provides for moving costs or a home buy-out in the event of a mobile home park closure. During the 2011 session, a $1 million cap was placed on the Trust Fund.
  • This amount is not enough to cover the costs of just one large park closure.
  • In addition, if the balance is not allowed to rise, it will not be possible to increase the maximum benefits for relocation or buy-out, which are now set well below actual costs.
  • You can refer to the proposal as either Senate File 1735 or House File 1887.

MN Senate Committee Chair
Senator Kathy Sheran

MN House Committee Chair
Representative Karen Clark

All Parks Alliance for Change is an organization of manufactured home park residents. We are pushing to change state law to protect residents from inequalities. In order for this legislation to pass, your legislators need to here from YOU!

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