Evaluation Schema for Comprehensive Plan Language

After drafts of comprehensive plans were released for review in the last half of 2018, APAC created an evaluation schema to help city planners improve their draft language towards manufactured housing, describing when language fit into the following categories:


Mention of manufactured housing in the Comprehensive Plan draft is negative, whether furthering stigma, calling for closure, or describing plans for redevelopment, zoning, or land use changes that reduce protection of manufactured housing communities.


Little or no mention of manufactured housing or relevant data exists in the Comprehensive Plan draft, or clear opportunities to provide meaningful data on manufactured housing are present but not acted upon. Similar to the category, “Purely Descriptive,” described below, the category, “Invisible” applies to Comprehensive Plans that fail to substantially engage with strategies that support a city’s manufactured housing. Engaging with and supporting all residents ensures that the entire community is strengthened in the long-run.

Purely Descriptive

Mention of manufactured housing is limited to statistics related to how much manufactured housing exists in the city, or other basic facts without discussion of improvement. The Comprehensive Plan draft provides an important opportunity for describing methods of supporting manufactured housing in the City as an unsubsidized and primarily owner-occupied affordable housing resource, and an important source of affordable housing. The City can go further in describing tangible support strategies for these communities.

Identifies manufactured housing as affordable housing

Comprehensive Plan language clearly states that manufactured housing provides affordable housing in the City.

Identifies clear strategies to support manufactured housing

Comprehensive Plan language describes tangible methods to improve manufactured housing.

Identifies funding sources to support manufactured housing

Comprehensive Plan language describes funding sources that can be used to improve manufactured housing.

Connects improvement strategies to funding

Comprehensive Plan language describes both clear strategies to improve manufactured housing and identifies funding sources that can be applied towards them.