2007 MHOAA National Convention Announcement & Materials

September 14-16, 2007
Ramada Mall of America
Bloomington, MN

More than 10 million American families live in manufactured homes and more than a third of them live in the nation’s 50,000 manufactured home parks. Two thirds of new affordable housing is manufactured, with comparable quality to traditional, stick-built homes and at half the cost. More people call parks home than all project-based subsidized housing and 90 percent are homeowners.

However, homeowners face a range of challenges to maintaining this housing option:

• Increasing land values and redevelopment pressures
• Lack of park owner reinvestment and deteriorating infrastructure
• Rising rents and home financing interest rates that reduce affordability
• Few resources dedicated to solving these problems and increasing homeowner rights

Around the country, there are homeowners, housing and consumer advocates, developers of affordable housing, policy makers, and others with solutions to share. Making these solutions a reality requires a base of strong, committed leaders. It requires a clear, shared vision rising from the homeowners. It requires strong local, state, and national homeowner associations and it means forging a nationwide movement for justice.