REGISTRATION FORM: APAC 35th Anniversary Celebration!

(or register online)

On Saturday, October 22, 2016 at 5:00 p.m., please join APAC board, staff, members, alumni and community supporters in celebrating the 35th anniversary of the statewide organization representing Minnesota’s manufactured home park residents. Enjoy an evening of food and entertainment, make and re-kindle connections, learn about the challenges faced and victories won by APAC, residents and their partners, be there for the unveiling of APAC’s 2016-2019 strategic plan, receive a 35th anniversary commemorative book, and support the continuing work of APAC on behalf of the state’s manufactured home owners!

Event Donation (Sliding Scale)

We are asking for a small donation for the event. Please give based on your ability. All dinners include salad, entrees, side dishes and dessert. (Note: Contact us if you are interested in sponsoring a reserved table.)

For myself and others registering to attend, I have enclosed:

_____ $50 (basic donation) x ______ # Attending = ________________
_____ $25 (limited income) x ______ # Attending = ________________
_____ # of vegetarian option dinners, if any.
_____ Any dietary restrictions: ___________________________________________________

_____ If anyone you are registering for will be drinking wine or beer, please enter the number of people.


You can become a member of APAC and receive our newsletter, “The Alliance,” and other info by adding to your contribution:

_____ $20 for a Regular Membership (Current park resident)
_____ $10 for a fixed or limited income Regular Membership (Current park resident)
_____ $20 for At-Large Membership (Former park resident)
_____ $20 for Associate Membership (Non-resident)

Major Donor

You can be listed among the contributors to APAC’s Major Donor Campaign in the 35th anniversary commemorative book by adding to your contribution:

_____ $50 _____ $75 _____ $100 _____ $200 _____ Over $200: _______________

Silent Auction

You can provide additional support by providing an item for a silent auction held at the celebration. Specify:


Name(s): ___________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

Phone: ________________________ E-Mail: _______________________________

Amount Enclosed: _____________________

For more information, call 651-644-5525 or 855-361-APAC.

Return to: APAC’s 35th Anniversary Celebration, 2380 Wycliff Street, Suite 200, St. Paul, MN 55114, or fax 651-523-0173, or e-mail