Tenant Hotline: Common Questions & Answers

Metro Area (651) 644-5525
Toll Free: (855) 361-2722
Email: hotline@allparksallianceforchange.org

The APAC hotline is a free, convenient, and confidential resource available to park residents across Minnesota who have questions regarding their rights as manufactured home residents. Every year we receive about 500 calls and emails from park residents with questions concerning manufactured home park laws, compliance notices, evictions, etc. The hotline is answered by APAC staff who are available during normal business hours and respond to voicemails as quickly as possible. If you prefer email, you can send questions to the confidential hotline@allparksallianceforchange.org and you will get a prompt response.

Through the hotline, we help residents to determine their rights and responsibilities. We also answer questions about specific issues such as storm shelters, pets, leases, and evictions. Through the hotline, residents are occasionally referred to the Attorney General's office, foreclosure prevention programs, and other legal aid programs. We also use data from our hotline to determine which parks are most in need of resident association organizing campaigns.

Below are some common questions we get from the hotline along with brief answers. If you have the same question as one below, please call our hotline for a more thorough explanation. Even if your question isn’t the same as one below, call our hotline and let us help you understand your rights.

Q: My park rules say that I can have an indoor pet, but now the park is charging me $4 per pet per month. Can they do this?
A: Yes. Minnesota law allows the park to charge up to $4 per pet per month even if it’s an indoor pet.

Q: My lease says that I can’t have a shed, but my park manager told me that I could build one anyway. Can I just take the manager’s word for it?
A: It is always a good idea to get any agreement with the park in writing in case there is any disagreement later.

Q: My park is charging me $12 for the relocation trust fund. Since my park isn’t closing, do I still have to pay the park for this?
A: Yes. State law requires the park to pay $12 for each of its resident homeowners and then allows the park to collect that money back from the homeowners themselves. Whether the park is currently closing or not, the $12 must be paid.

Q: I’m trying to sell my home in the park, but the park is rejecting every potential buyer that I find. Does the park have to provide some reasons for why it is rejecting my potential buyers?
A: Yes. Parks must have a written list of criteria they use to determine whether or not they will approve a potential buyer’s application to move into the park. Furthermore, if the application is denied, the park must provide a written explanation for the denial.

Q: Every year the park increases lot rent but there are never any new services or better upkeep to go along with these rent increases. Can the park do this?
A: Unfortunately yes. State law allows the park to increase rent no more than twice in any 12 month period as long as residents are given 60 days’ written notice of the increase.

Q: My park manager is not following his duties as required by my lease and the park rules, and I’ve contacted him several times regarding this. Now the manager says he’ll evict me if I make any more requests that he do his job. Can I be evicted for this?
A: No. State law prohibits retaliatory conduct so that the park may not evict a resident simply because the resident is making honest requests or complaints regarding the park. Furthermore, the park may not increase rent or decrease services in retaliation for a resident’s honest complaints or requests.

Q: I got into a disagreement with my park manger and now the manager says that I have to leave the park by the end of the week or he’ll evict me on Monday. I don’t want an eviction on my record. Do I have to leave?
A: There are only eight reasons that allow for resident eviction. If one of these reasons isn’t met, then the resident can’t be evicted. Simply disagreeing with a manager is not one of the eight reasons and therefore not grounds for eviction. Also, the park manager himself cannot evict a resident; only a judge can evict a resident.

These are just some of the questions we get from the hotline. Please call with questions of your own or if you have further questions regarding the above situations.