Promote Manufactured Housing Through Comprehensive Planning

APAC's Twin Cities Comprehensive Planning Project

APAC released the final report on our Comprehensive Plan Project, which involved advocating for improved treatment of manufactured housing residents in 2018 city-level comprehensive plan updates across the Metropolitan Area.

Comprehensive plans enable governments to describe goals and strategies related to issues like housing and land use and submit them for public review. Our aim is to help city officials incorporate more positive language and supportive strategies towards manufactured housing in their comprehensive plans.

Manufactured housing is a vitally important form of affordable housing in the Twin Cities Metro Region, in a context of a widespread shortage of accessible affordable housing. Manufactured housing helps diverse residents gain access to homeownership, stay in the school districts and close to local amenities they value, and provides a local, stable workforce to businesses, all through this unique and unsubsidized form of naturally occurring affordable housing. Despite its benefits, manufactured housing is often disregarded by public officials and planners.

Comprehensive plans present an important opportunity to engage in the local planning and policy-making process, and for constituents to ask city councils to support manufactured housing.

Comprehensive Plans are required describe the city’s approach in the following areas:

- Land Use
- Transportation
- Water Resources
- Parks & Trails
- Housing
- Resilience
- Economic Competitiveness
- Implementation

Executive Summary - APAC Comprehensive Plan Project.pdf164.03 KB
Report to Metropolitan Council - APAC Comprehensive Plan Project.pdf402.37 KB
Appendix 1 - Letter to Shakopee MN - APAC Comprehensive Plan Project.pdf469.57 KB
Appendix 2 - Form Package for Cities - APAC Comprehensive Plan Project.pdf336.33 KB
Appendix 3 - Draft Follow Up Letter - Shoreview - APAC Comprehensive Plan Project.pdf184.74 KB
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APAC Comprehensive Plan Presentation to Metropolitan Council - July 22 2020.pdf156.62 KB