North Dakota Organizing Project

In early 2016, NMHOA and APAC teamed up to expand organizing efforts to the Fargo area in North Dakota. No groups had existed in North Dakota that specifically advocated for the rights of manufactured home park residents, but within a few months of meetings in Fargo, APAC and NMHOA had formed the Fargo Area Park Resident Association (FAPRA).

The group is made up of manufactured home park residents in the Fargo area, and they’ve already accomplished much with the help of APAC and NMHOA. In the fall of 2016, residents from one of Fargo’s parks were able to get the local public health department to do an inspection of their community, pressuring the park to make some much-needed changes. In early 2017, FAPRA worked to propose a bill to the North Dakota State Government that would have limited the reasons for which manufactured home park residents could get evicted. Unfortunately, the bill didn’t pass, but it did raise awareness of the limitations of the laws pertaining to park residents in North Dakota.

Another accomplishment of the Fargo Area Park Resident Association is the creation of a comprehensive guide to the relevant laws for manufactured home park residents in Fargo. The guide includes information from tenant landlord law, discrimination law, and the regulations for manufactured home parks in an easy-to-read and easy-to-reference (most of the information includes citations) format. An attorney from Legal Services of North Dakota assisted with the creation of the guide. Click the link below for a PDF version of the guide.