An Open Thank-You Letter to Our Supporters

An Open Thank-You Letter to:
Catholic Campaign for Human Development,
Greater Minnesota Housing Fund, and
Minnesota State Bar Foundation

October 2013

Dear funders, members & supporters:

On behalf of All Parks Alliance for Change, I want to thank three organizations – Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), Greater Minnesota Housing Fund (GMHF), and Minnesota State Bar Foundation – for their recent decisions to provide financial support for 2013-2014. The grants they have awarded are critical to our work with the state’s 180,000 manufactured (mobile) home park residents.

Park communities are an absolutely vital source of affordable housing, but, because residents own their homes but not the land, they face a variety of threats: their park may be closed, needed improvements might not be made, unfair rules may be adopted, and rents may soar without any basis. APAC’s mission is to educate residents about their legal rights, organize residents in their communities, and give voice to residents’ concerns in both city hall and the State Capitol.

Our message to residents is clear: If you have questions about their legal rights, call our statewide, toll-free resident hotline (855-361-APAC). If your community faces challenges that you cannot solve alone, we can help you organize your neighbors behind a common banner. If you feel the law is stacked against you, join us at the State Capitol in 2014.

My deep thanks to each of these groups for their support. In these difficult economic times, we are deeply grateful and honored to report that this is our 5th grant from CCHD, our 7th grant from GMHF, and our 8th grant the Minnesota State Bar.

If you want to learn more about these organizations, there are links to their web sites on our list of supporters.

Best regards,

Dave Anderson
Executive Director