2012 Minnesota Legislative Agenda

APAC is the statewide organization representing Minnesota’s 180,000 manufactured (mobile) home park residents. Our families live in over 900 licensed parks spread throughout nearly all 87 counties. They are one out of every 20 households in the state. They are long-time, self-sufficient home owners with nearly 90 percent owning their homes, over 40 percent living in the same home for more than 10 years, and none of them receiving any housing subsidies. Despite 80 percent being considered low- to very-low income (according to Housing and Urban Development guidelines), their housing is completely unsubsidized and, in fact, there are more units of affordable housing in Minnesota parks than there are HUD subsidized units and rural development units combined.

Lift the cap on Relocation Trust Fund benefits

  • The Manufactured Home Relocation Trust Fund is a program supported by a $12 annual fee from home owners. It provides for moving costs or a home buy-out in the event of a park closure. During the 2011 session, a $1 million cap was placed on the Trust Fund at the urging of the park owners. It was adopted without a public hearing or any resident input. This amount is not enough to cover the costs of just one large park closure. In addition, if the balance in the trust fund is not allowed to rise, it will not be possible to increase the maximum benefits for relocation or buy-out, which are now set well below the average cost for displaced home owners.

Stop cities from charging park residents more for water service than other home owners

  • State law prevents park owners from directly or indirectly charging residents a higher rate for municipal water service than the “rate which is charged to single family dwellings with comparable service within the same market” (MN Statute 327C.04). However, cities are billing park owners as large commercial users, which means higher rates for residents. Cities have fought hard at the State Capitol to continue this practice.

Extend mandatory background checks for apartment managers to cover park managers

  • State law has required background checks for apartment managers since 1995 (MN Statute 299C.66). The law requires that property owners run background checks on prospective building managers. If the individual has been convicted of a serious crime (murder, rape, stalking, etc.), the property owner may not hire them or must discharge them if the manager has already been hired. The legislative history and case law related to the apartment manager background checks demonstrates that it does not currently apply to park managers and the legislature must act.