Form an APAC Chapter

What is a Chapter?

A chapter is a group of APAC members from the same manufactured home park or city who join together to affirm and support APAC's mission. APAC exists to serve as a vehicle for manufactured home park residents to organize for meaningful social change that will improve the quality of life in manufactured home parks. Chapters provide the structure needed to have your community's voice express its needs and concerns in the community at-large effectively.

APAC is led by a board of directors who are elected by members of local APAC Chapters. Chapters can participate in APAC programs, receive information and advice from APAC staff, and nominate candidates for the APAC board of directors.

Why form a Chapter?

  • Forming a chapter gives your community a voice on the statewide APAC organization. You can nominate representatives from your community to join with others on the APAC board of directors to led the movement for justice in manufactured home parks of your community and across the state.
  • Forming a chapter builds APAC's power to organize for social change to help you and your neighbors.

Requirements for forming a chapter:

A chapter can be formed when 10% of the occupied households in a park are members of APAC, with the following exceptions: parks with 20 or fewer households require two households; parks with more than 100 households require 15 households; and parks with more than 300 households require 20 households. Members living in the same city but residing in different parks who are not part of an established park chapter may form a city-level chapter.

Steps for forming a Chapter

Step 1: Identify park concerns that statewide involvement in APAC could address.

Step 2: Recruit households to join as APAC members.

Step 3: Invite APAC member households to a chapter steering committee meeting:

  • Review and affirm support for APAC's mission statement.
  • Approve APAC chapter bylaws (short and simple).
  • Review the job description for representatives to the APAC board of directors.
  • Nominate chapter representatives to the APAC board.

Step 4: Contact the APAC board about your desire to be recognized as a chapter.

Step 5: Nominate one of your members to serve on the APAC board, if elected they will receive an orientation and manual.

Step 6: Nominating a board member is a good way to maintain an ongoing link between your chapter and the APAC board.

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