2008 MHOAA National Convention

National Leaders Converge in Minnesota

This year’s Manufactured Homeowners Association of America (MHOAA) national convention was a fantastic success! With over 100 participants, the 2008 convention was the best attended MHOAA event to date– an increase of over 30% from last year and up 60% from the year before. Residents from 25 different homeowner groups and representatives from 24 allied organizations came together in Bloomington, Minnesota, from over 25 states to exchange expertise, ideas, history, energy, and new friendships for two days during the weekend of October 3rd and 4th.


We conducted in-depth surveys with homeowners from across the nation to determine what they hoped to gain from a national meeting of the minds; and this year’s list of topics was challenging, broad, and invigorating! We benefited from homeowner and ally expertise across the nation to develop workshops, panels, and motivational speakers around issues of:

  • Building Multi-Racial Alliances – The Path to Power
  • Park preservation strategies – including: the Federal Fair Housing Act (FFHA), zoning, resident owned communities, and more.
  • Members – how to maintain, increase, and activate!
  • Fear factor – stories & methods of dealing with intimidation, harassment, & retaliation
  • Organizing in Latino communities
  • Legislation – sharing from other states, passing your own, analysis of national possibilities
  • MHOAA as a strong national organization
  • Developing regional working groups
  • Money – grant writing, fundraisers, member dues, and more
  • Organizing tools – power analysis, leadership styles, etc.
  • Law enforcement & compliance
  • Media strategies
  • State homeowners association development

      Find a full agenda and list of speakers in the attachment below.

      Generous funding from CFED provided full and partial scholarships to over 40 homeowners – granting the means by which many participants were able to attend, including dozens of new voices. A particularly key point of growth at this convention was the presence of out of state resident leaders and allies with whom, until now, APAC leadership and staff have had limited or no interactions.

      The convention wouldn’t have been the same without their input and presence, and we thank both the homeowners for taking the time and CFED for recognizing that homeowners are the key voice in the mobile justice movement.

      The following are links to the session notes and handouts. However, this year's convention did not produce a high volume of notes. If you have questions about a particular workshop, please contact one of the panelists as listed on the "Notes, Simplified Agenda, PDF" attachment below.

      2008 MHOAA National Convention Scholarship

      Attention: The scholarship deadline has been extended to FRIDAY, AUGUST 1st!

      Please read these instructions and complete ALL forms prior to AUGUST 1, 2008. Failure to do so may result in loss of scholarship.

      Board Approval

      The scholarship will be awarded to the state homeowners’ association (HOA); rather than on an individual basis. Each state HOA may qualify for up to two scholarships. The board of said state HOA must demonstrate organizational support of the individuals homeowners attending from their group or state. As such, the board must fill out the form below in order for the scholarship to be approved.

      When considering who to send from your organization, we recommend that individual(s) are interested in and able to:
      - share information from their own state;
      - listen to and retain information gained at the convention; and
      - commit to reporting back any information or contacts gathered at the convention for the benefit of those who could not attend.

      Types of Scholarships

      There is a limited pool of money potentially available to cover the following costs: travel expenses (airfare or gas), lodging fees (hotel costs), and the conference registration fee. To reduce costs, all scholarship recipients should expect to share a room. S/he may choose her/his own roommate, or, if there is no preference, we will pick someone of the same gender. If the recipient has concerns about this, please contact the APAC office to discuss.

      Please note that any portion of these expenses that you are able to pay for yourself will result in monies available for those that cannot cover any of their costs. The less you are able to accept, the more homeowners we can bring to the convention.

      MHOAA Membership

      It is required that all recipients apply for MHOAA membership. To receive a scholarship, your organization must have filled out a MHOAA membership form and paid their first year’s dues. The MHOAA membership application can be found on the MHOAA website at: MHOAA Application for Membership

      MHOAA membership is $75 for the first year, and $150 each year thereafter. A copy of the filled out application and the check to MHOAA will be required as evidence of having applied.