2008 MHOAA National Convention

National Leaders Converge in Minnesota

This year’s Manufactured Homeowners Association of America (MHOAA) national convention was a fantastic success! With over 100 participants, the 2008 convention was the best attended MHOAA event to date– an increase of over 30% from last year and up 60% from the year before. Residents from 25 different homeowner groups and representatives from 24 allied organizations came together in Bloomington, Minnesota, from over 25 states to exchange expertise, ideas, history, energy, and new friendships for two days during the weekend of October 3rd and 4th.

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Newly Elected MHOAA Board of Directors

We conducted in-depth surveys with homeowners from across the nation to determine what they hoped to gain from a national meeting of the minds; and this year’s list of topics was challenging, broad, and invigorating! We benefited from homeowner and ally expertise across the nation to develop workshops, panels, and motivational speakers around issues of:

  • Building Multi-Racial Alliances – The Path to Power
  • Park preservation strategies – including: the Federal Fair Housing Act (FFHA), zoning, resident owned communities, and more.
  • Members – how to maintain, increase, and activate!
  • Fear factor – stories & methods of dealing with intimidation, harassment, & retaliation
  • Organizing in Latino communities
  • Legislation – sharing from other states, passing your own, analysis of national possibilities
  • MHOAA as a strong national organization
  • Developing regional working groups
  • Money – grant writing, fundraisers, member dues, and more
  • Organizing tools – power analysis, leadership styles, etc.
  • Law enforcement & compliance
  • Media strategies
  • State homeowners association development